Will I be covered with standard travel insurance if I decide not to travel in 2022?

A standard travel insurance policy will cover you if you cancel your trip for “covered reasons” such as illness or injury or possibly unforeseen events such as a pandemic. However, if you purchased a standard travel insurance policy once the pandemic was a known event, your policy will not cover cancellation due to Covid travel restrictions affecting your trip since Covid was a foreseen event when you purchased your policy. A standard policy will usually cover a cancellation if you contract Covid and can not travel due to being ill.

The only policies that we know of that will provide coverage for Covid related travel restrictions are “Cancel For Any Reason” policies which are essentially the most comprehensive policies available. These policies reimburse for as much as 75% of your trip cost if you cancel due to Covid travel restrictions. These policies can only be bought within 21 days of paying your initial deposit.