What are the responsibilities of the Lead Golfer?

St. Andrews requires that one member of the group be designated as the “Lead Golfer”. The Lead Golfer is responsible for submitting the application. In addition, these following should be kept in mind:

  • The Lead Golfer must be physically present at the time of play. Other members of the group may be replaced leading up to the date of play, but the Lead Golfer name cannot be changed. Therefore, it makes sense to pick the person least likely to drop out of the trip as your Lead Golfer.
  • The Lead Golfer must be the one to submit the application to St. Andrews. St. Andrews doesn’t want any third parties submitting many applications and then reselling the tee times, so it must be done by someone in the group.
  • If successful in the getting a tee time through this process, the Lead Golfer is responsible for paying the St. Andrews green fees for the entire group. This payment will be made on the payments page on St. Andrews’ website. We will then deduct this amount from your balance to us.

Note that the “Lead Golfer” of the St Andrews appliaction does not need to be Pioneer Golf’s primary contact for your trip.

IMPORTANT: If you do not feel comfortable with the above responsibilities or if there is a possibility that you may need to unexpectedly cancel your participation in the trip, please let us know as soon as possible and provide the name of the best person in your group to be the Lead Golfer of the application. We will then work directly with that individual and copy you on all correspondence to keep you informed.