If we need to postpone to 2023, what are the guidelines and/or rules?

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that vendors will be willing to reschedule trips to a future year if Covid interferes yet again. Throughout the 2020 and 2021 seasons, we were able to work with our suppliers to allow for rescheduling groups that weren’t able to travel due to travel restrictions, but convincing many to do so was an uphill battle. Travel insurance is much more common amongst European travelers and many vendors were not sympathetic towards uninsured travelers. Eventually, our vendors were willing to reschedule groups because the pandemic was an unforeseen event, but now after two years of rescheduling trips, all our vendors have reverted to their regular terms and conditions which do not allow a reservation to be rescheduled yet again. If travel restrictions were to be reintroduced, we would certainly approach our vendors and try to convince them to allow rescheduling once again, but there is no way we can guarantee that they will be willing to do so. All of our customers were given the opportunity to purchase a Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) travel insurance policy, but that window of opportunity is now closed. Because travel insurance was available and because vendors are absorbing ever mounting losses, we cannot guarantee that they will be willing to reschedule a trip that has already been rescheduled once or twice before.