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Important Update: On April 21, 2021, Nationwide has ceased offering travel insurance policies with a CFAR provision to those who rescheduled 2020 trips to 2021 or 2022. Only those who purchase a policy within 21 days of their initial deposit (your very first payment to Pioneer Golf) are eligible to buy a travel insurance policy with a CFAR provision (Cancel For Any Reason).

The below is outdated and should be ignored given the above notice:

The information presented here is VERY IMPORTANT. Please read it in its ENTIRETY. Pioneer Golf is not responsible for any claims being denied if the instructions here are not followed or if you purchase a policy and technically don’t qualify to have purchased such a policy. In addition, the below contains instructions (see the To Do’s) necessary to correctly purchase a policy online. Polices can only be purchased online (the phone number is only for questions and agents cannot process a purchase by phone).

Given these extraordinary times, we suggest you seriously consider purchasing travel insurance! We have managed to negotiate and make available a plan that provides coverage if a trip is affected by Covid-19.

Covid-19 has affected many facets of our lives. Our clients have been fortunate in that all was not lost with respect to their 2020 golf trips. Golf courses, hotels, and transportation companies have generously provided partial to full credits for use in 2021 or 2022. Meanwhile, we have learned of the importance of having travel insurance. However, only the most comprehensive policies, those that include a Cancel for Any Reason (“CFAR”) provision, can offer protection against Covid-19. Having such a policy can help to alleviate concerns of all your outlay being lost if you can’t go on the trip for any reason, including this pandemic.

Many of our suppliers have made it clear that the continuance of Covid-19 and a subsequent cancellation of a rescheduled trip may not result in credits being offered yet again. Your payments to Pioneer Golf are non-refundable per our original terms and conditions which you agreed to when registering, when making each payment, and again when confirming your rescheduled trip.

Our clients who had a CFAR policy were in good shape in 2020 and were reimbursed for 75% of their trip’s cost. A policy with CFAR covered cancellation due to Covid-19, while less comprehensive insurance policies did not. Note that most standard and CFAR policies still provide 100% coverage for “covered reasons” (a pandemic is not a “covered reason”).

The dilemma now being faced by many of our clients who didn’t purchase any sort of travel insurance policy or purchased a policy without CFAR is that many travel insurance providers have eliminated CFAR coverage or have lowered the covered amount from 75% of the trip’s cost to 50% (both in reaction to Covid-19). Historically, travel insurance companies would allow a CFAR policy to be purchased if done so within 2-3 weeks of paying your initial deposit and don’t allow such a policy to be purchased at all when only a credit is used. This is serving to prevent travelers who are rescheduling trips from accessing a policy with a CFAR provision.

Fortunately, we have found that TravelSafe (their GolfSafe policies are underwritten by Nationwide Mutual Insurance) continues to offer a CFAR policy and is maintaining the covered amount at 75%. Covid-19 or another pandemic would be covered by their GolfSafe Secure Plus policy which includes a CFAR provision. Most importantly, TravelSafe has agreed to allow only Pioneer Golf clients who are using a credit from a canceled 2020 trip to purchase a new policy with CFAR if done so within 21 days of paying their entire remaining balance due on the 2021 or 2022 trip after their credit is applied. However, this is only available if your remaining balance is 15% or greater of the cost of the trip and only for trips with departure dates after May 17, 2021 (TravelSafe decided on February 22, 2021 to no longer make this offer available to those traveling before May 17, 2021 due to the UK’s announcement of continued restrictions through May 17, 2021). Groups originally scheduled in 2021 that may reschedule to 2022 are not eligible for this exception so must buy a policy with CFAR within 21 days of paying their initial deposit. Day 1 of 21 is the date of payment, not the day after. If you miss this deadline, note that the insurance company will not make any exceptions whatsoever. Pioneer Golf is unrelated to this insurance agent (TravelSafe/GolfSafe/Trawick) and unrelated to the underwriter (Nationwide). We are merely pointing our customers to an insurance provider that offers CFAR policies. You can certainly buy a policy from any travel insurance provider.


USA residentsFor US Residents:

TravelSafe is one of the most respected travel insurance providers and offers policies underwritten by one of the most recognizable names in the insurance industry (Nationwide Mutual Insurance). Note that their “GolfSafe Secure Plus policy includes CFAR coverage at 75% . For any specific details and questions about the plans and cover limits, please contact the TravelSafe customer service team at (844) 673-7050 (you can’t purchase a policy by phone) or [email protected]. To purchase a policy click HERE.

To Do’s when Purchasing

  • How much to insure for?+

    You should insure the entire cost of the trip when you purchase a policy (the credit plus the extra paid). Include every dollar (don’t round down) you paid to Pioneer Golf as any less may result in a claim being completely denied. In addition, if the cost of your trip later increases (e.g., you add a round of golf after payment), you must increase the coverage amount on your policy within 21 days of making the change by calling the insurance company, or you may risk having a future claim denied. You can consider adding the cost of your airline tickets. It’s not mandatory. It also can be done after purchasing a policy (i.e., when you get around to purchasing your airline tickets) by calling the insurance company. It’s better to be over-insured than under-insured. Note that within 10 days of purchasing a policy, you can cancel it for a full refund.

  • What dates to use?+

    If you do not have specific dates for the trip yet, include estimated dates. These dates can be updated once the trip dates are confirmed. Don’t forget to update dates as having the wrong dates may impact a claim.

    For the “Deposit Date” use the date that you pay your entire final balance for the 2021 or 2022 rescheduled trip. Remember that this amount must be at least 15% of the original trip cost to be eligible to purchase a policy with a CFAR provision. You have 21 days from this date to buy a CFAR policy.

  • Which policy to buy?+

    TravelSafe offers two policies: GolfSafe Secure and GolfSafe Secure Plus. The GolfSafe Secure Plus is more expensive because it includes a CFAR provision which allows you to cancel for any reason including Covid-19.

    Golf Safe Secure Pro

  • Why is the GolfSafe Secure Plus policy listed as “not available” or not listed?+

    The following states do not allow CFAR policies to be sold to their residents: NH, NY, and WA. If you have a second residence in a state other than these that you legally own, you can use that address in order to buy the GolfSAfe Secure Plus policy. CFAR policies are only available if bought within 21 days of the payment of your entire final balance for customers rescheduling 2020 trips to 2021 or 2022. Day 1 is the day payment is made, not the day after. If you miss purchasing a CFAR policy within these 21 days, note that the insurance company will not make any exceptions whatsoever and a CFAR policy will not appear as available on their website. If purchasing on a cell phone browser and if only offered the regular policy, click on the right arrow to view the CFAR policy. Alternatively, use a desktop to purchase.

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~ underwritten by Nationwide Mutual Insurance ~

USA residentsFor Residents of Any Other Country:

TravelSafe does not provide insurance to non-US residents. Plenty of insurance companies based in your country of residence will offer travel insurance plans.


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My Travel Insurance Options

With regard to travel insurance policies and 2020 trips not made due to COVID-19, our clients have found themselves in the following situations which we outline here, followed by some general information:

If you bought a policy with CFAR for your 2020 trip: +

  • Option 1:You can call your insurance company before your 2020 departure date to shift the policy to apply to your 2021 trip.
  • Option 2: You can elect not to go in 2021 and ask your insurance company to reimburse you for 75% of the cost of your trip. You must usually cancel your trip a few days prior to departure (number of days varies depending on insurance company).

If you bought a policy without CFAR for your 2020 trip: +

  • Option 1:You may be able to request a credit voucher or refund from your insurance company for the 2020 trip policy and use that credit to buy a policy with a CFAR provision for the 2021 trip. Some companies may not allow one or both of these so call them directly to inquire. Ask your provider what their CFAR coverage amount is, as many providers have eliminated CFAR coverage or lowered coverage to 50%.
  • Option 2: Buy an entirely new policy with a CFAR provision from TravelSafe or another provider. TravelSafe is the only provider that we are aware of that has maintained CFAR coverage at 75% (it is still 100% for standard covered reasons).

If you DID NOT buy any insurance policy for your 2020 trip: +

  • Consider purchasing TravelSafe’s Secure Plus policy which has a 75% coverage CFAR provision (coverage is still 100% for covered reasons). This policy must be purchased within 21 days of paying the entire balance due on your rescheduled trip.Pioneer Golf’s staff are not permitted, by law, to advise on nor sell travel insurance policies. For any specific details and questions about the plans and coverage limits, please visit this link: TravelSafe.