We recommend shipping your clubs with Ship Sticks. Ship Sticks makes traveling easier than ever by shipping your golf clubs and luggage worldwide. They’ll pick up from your doorstep and deliver to your golf destination safely, affordably, and on-time so you can breeze through the airport with just a plane ticket in-hand. You may receive a quote/book online at: or call 855.867.9915.

Ship Sticks will collect all the information and prepare the required paperwork for customs in order to minimize duties, taxes, and delays. You will be required to provide full addresses (including post codes, applicable to the UK only) for all pick-up and drop-off locations. Most of the hotels that our clients stay at in the UK and Ireland you will be able to simply put the hotel name and town (for example, Old Course Hotel, St Andrews) and the address will auto-populate. 

Each item automatically carries up to $500.00 insurance each way for loss or damage; supplemental insurance is available. The shipment will be monitored by Ship Sticks and online tracking is available. Estimated transit time between the United States, Scotland, and Ireland is four business days. One-way and round-trip shipments are available.

Approximate dimensions and weights for golf bags are as follows:

    • Standard golf bag (carry/stand bag with clubs) in a soft or hard case: 40 pounds and 50x12x10 inches
    • XL golf bag (large/cart bag with clubs and golf clothing): 50 pounds and 52x15x12 inches


For more information on how ship sticks works, packing & shipping your clubs, and international shipping, please visit: