Scotscraig Can Hold Its Own

Whether looking for a challenging course off the beaten path or simply another course to rouse the senses, Scotscraig can hold its own. The course is located a short distance north of St. Andrews, making it an ideal option for those visiting the area.

Historically, the course began as a six-hole, however due to the proximity to St. Andrews and considerable potential, members of St. Andrews Society of Golfers took it upon them to implement a new club and called it Scotscraig. Over time, the club changed from a nine-hole to an 18-hole and by 1923 the course sustained further improvements with the help of James Braid to become the heathland/ links we know today.

Scotscraig has been making rounds as a favorite among those who favor a test of accuracy and discipline. Located in Tayport, this unique course is a mix of links and heathland, not easily classified as one or the other. Furthermore, the course was designed under the guise of Tom Morris and James Braid and has been a former Open qualifier venue six times between 1984 – 2010. These factors alone should peak one’s interest, but perhaps you should judge for yourself!

-Megan Meadows