Pioneer Golf will provide a Caddie and Cart request form to the group leader several months in advance of the departure date; once we receive the form, we will forward the requests to the courses on your behalf. Please alert us as soon as possible if there is a disability that requires the use of a golf cart.

Pull Carts:

Most courses have pull carts (“trollies”) available for approximately $5.00 to $12.00 per round. Although pull carts cannot be reserved in advance, they are plentiful. A notable exception is the St. Andrews-Old Course which prohibits pull carts before noon. If you are playing the St. Andrews-Old Course in the morning, you have the option of either carrying your bag or hiring a caddie.

Golf Carts (buggies):

Golf carts (buggies) are not as common in Scotland and Ireland as in the U.S. Some courses have a fleet of carts, while the vast majority have only one or two carts dedicated to golfers who are registered as disabled (with a permanent condition of disability) and with relevant supporting documentation.

Occasionally, carts are available with a doctor’s note, with verification of a permanent disability (handicap parking permit), or to golfers older than 65. The charge for a cart can range from none (if the course requires that the cart be driven by a caddie, who must be paid separately) to $95.00.

Here are examples of a doctor’s note and a handicap parking permit: