Playing Muirfield

I had the good fortune of playing in a social match against Muirfield’s membership as a part of the University of Edinburgh’s club team during my university days. From the moment you embark on the quarter-mile long drive to the no-frills (at least by American standards) clubhouse, it is clear that that day’s experience will be like no other.

A round at Muirfield is as much about tradition as it is about golf. After entering the clubhouse in my coat and tie, I took a brief tour of the members’ locker room, where it is difficult not to notice the abundance of nameplates with the word “Lord” on them. The members are a magnificent bunch and, despite the club’s elite reputation, make any visitor feel right at home.

The course itself is stunning, with no shortage of panoramic views and not one blade of grass askew. The 13th hole is perhaps the best par 3 in all of Scotland, and undoubtedly the most difficult; I’ll put the over/under at 8 for highest number made there during this year’s Open Championship.

It may not be the easiest course to get on, but if you can manage it, a round on Muirfield will be a memory to last a lifetime.

-Pioneer Golf