Last updated on June 15, 2022 at 12:30 pm CST.  

We understand that you may want to know how this ever-changing environment may affect your trip. Therefore, we have created this page to keep you abreast of the most relevant developments. We will update this page when necessary to make sure you always have the most up-to-date information possible.

New 2022 trips:

If you have signed up for a new trip in 2022 (i.e., not rescheduling from a prior year) and have purchased a Cancel For Any Reason travel insurance policy, this policy will protect you should Covid interfere with your trip (click here for more information). If you have decided not to purchase a CFAR travel insurance policy and Covid prevents you from taking the trip, your investment may be lost entirely unless vendors are willing to allow the trip to be rescheduled to a future year. Vendors allowed trips booked in 2020 and 2021 to be rescheduled because the pandemic was a surprise to everyone. However, they are unlikely to allow a trip booked during the pandemic for 2022 to be rescheduled since the pandemic was a known event and travel insurance was available for purchase to protect the trip.

2022 Trips rescheduled from 2020 or 2021:

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that vendors will be willing to reschedule trips to a future year if Covid interferes yet again. Throughout the 2020 and 2021 seasons, we were able to work with our suppliers to allow for rescheduling groups that weren’t able to travel due to travel restrictions, but convincing many to do so was an uphill battle. Travel insurance is much more common amongst European travelers and many vendors were not sympathetic towards uninsured travelers. Eventually, our vendors were willing to reschedule groups because the pandemic was an unforeseen event, but now after two years of rescheduling trips, all our vendors have reverted to their regular terms and conditions which do not allow a reservation to be rescheduled yet again. If travel restrictions were to be reintroduced, we would certainly approach our vendors and try to convince them to allow rescheduling once again, but there is no way we can guarantee that they will be willing to do so. All of our customers were given the opportunity to purchase travel insurance with the exception that Nationwide gave us, but that window of opportunity is now closed. Because travel insurance was available and because vendors are absorbing ever mounting losses, we cannot guarantee that they will be willing to reschedule a trip that has already been rescheduled once or twice before.

Current Situation in the UK

Note that England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland are part of the UK. Ireland is not part of the UK. Ireland is part of the EU (European Union) and will generally follow EU mandates. The restrictions in the UK do not apply to Ireland. Scroll down for information on Ireland as this section does not apply.

CAN I TRAVEL TO SCOTLAND, ENGLAND, OR NORTHERN IRELAND TODAY?  Americans and Canadians can travel into Scotland, England, and Northern Ireland. There are currently no testing requirement in place.

Latest updates on the easing of travel restrictions in the UK 


Current Situation in Ireland

Note that Ireland is part of the EU. The UK is not part of the EU (European Union). Ireland is part of the EU and will generally follow EU mandates. The UK restrictions described above do not apply to Ireland.

CAN I TRAVEL TO IRELAND TODAY? All travelers from Americans and Canadians can now travel into Ireland without having to provide a negative Covid test result or show proof of vaccination. The only currently no requirements in place.

Latest updates on the easing of travel restriction in Ireland 

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What To Do If You Test Positive Before Your Return

For travelers who test positive, CDC recommends the telehealth provider report positive test results to relevant public health authorities in the traveler’s location following local requirements. The telehealth provider should also counsel the traveler on what they and their close contacts should do. This would include not traveling until they complete isolation (if infected) or quarantine (if exposed), in accordance with local requirements.

If you did not purchase a CFAR travel policy after signing up for your trip, you can still purchase a regular GolfSafe policy, which (as well a CFAR policy) will also cover expenses associated with testing positive abroad and having to extend your stay. An GolfSafe Secure quote can be obtained HERE.


    • Our clients rescheduling from 2020 to either 2022 or 2023 can no longer (as of April 21, 2021) purchase a travel insurance policy with a “Cancel For Any Reason” (CFAR) provision from TravelSafe/GolfSafe within 21 days of paying their final balance. The ability to purchase a CFAR policy after the initial deposit was being offered to our clients by TravelSafe/GolfSafe/Nationwide, but they have decided to discontinue this exception. Anyone can purchase a travel insurance policy with a CFAR provision from any number of providers if purchased within 2-3 weeks of your initial deposit. Click here for more information. Regular policies (without CFAR) will not cover you if Covid travel restrictions or quarantines affect your ability to take your trip.
    • The US requires a negative Covid test result to re-enter the US. This test can be a web-based self-test purchased in the US prior to the departure for your trip. We will provide you with the full details well ahead of your travel date.