During your Pioneer Golf tour, feel free to adjust hotel departure times, pick-up, and drop-off locations directly with your driver, as necessary. They may also want to make adjustments due to unforeseen road construction projects etc.

Your driver will be happy to offer sightseeing suggestions during the trip, but in Scotland, by law they are not guides. Drivers in Ireland may offer more sightseeing and historical perspectives. If your group desires a true guide, ask us about “step on guides” accredited by “Blue Badge” and/or the Irish Tourist Board.

Driver hours are electronically monitored by the government: please be advised that the European Union has issued the following regulations strictly limiting driver hours designed to minimize fatigue and maximize safety:

  • Drivers can be behind the wheel for a maximum of 4.5 hours without stopping at which time a break of 45 minutes must be observed.
  • A driver must also take a daily overnight break of 11 consecutive hours away from the vehicle. Therefore, a restaurant transfer at 10:00pm cannot be followed by a 07:00 morning golf transfer, for instance.
  • The maximum driving hours per day is 9, but this can be extended to 10 hours approximately twice a week.
  • The maximum number of hours per day that a driver can be “in charge” of his vehicle is 13, but this can be extended to 15 hours approximately twice per week.
  • These rules can vary by country and from time to time, so check with your driver or Pioneer Golf is any long days are anticipated!