Waterproof clothing for the golf course is a must, as is an umbrella. A warm sweater, too, is essential. Many courses require soft spikes, as well as collared shirts. Tailored, pleated shorts are permitted (except at Royal Aberdeen and Royal Troon, where shorts of any kind are prohibited) (and must be accompanied by knee length socks at Western Gailes and Elie), but denim is not permitted at all.

Some restaurant, hotel and club dining rooms are a little formal and a coat and tie may be required. Muirfield and Royal Troon require a coat and tie in their main dining room. Muirfield recommends that ladies wear a blouse with trousers (not golfing trousers or shorts) or a skirt / dress with jacket. Generally speaking, hats are not worn in the clubhouses, and each clubhouse has its own unique rules regarding footwear. Some allow soft spikes in the proshop only, others allow soft spikes throughout, and at some soft spikes are not allowed anywhere in the clubhouse. If you’d like to ensure access to all clubhouse visitor areas, you should bring a change of shoes.

General Guidelines:

  • Wear collared shirts.
  • No denim.
  • Shorts are permitted as long as they are pleated in front.
  • Many courses require soft spikes.
  • Hats are not permitted in the clubhouses, and spikes are only permitted in some course clubhouses.
  • Royal Troon requires a coat and tie in its main dining room, although casual golf wear is permitted in the Club Bar or while having lunch in the Ailsa Room.
  • Muirfield requires that gentlemen wear a coat and tie in their main dining room.