The British Pound Just Dropped & Trips Are Less Expensive

In the wake of the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union, the British pound has dropped dramatically against the dollar.


Of course, it’s possible that it will recover its losses but that may take a little time.  In the meantime, we have an exceptional opportunity to offer trips to Scotland and the other British countries at somewhere in the vicinity of 8% less than would have been the case recently. On average, this represents a saving of around $300.00.


The euro is also weak against the dollar and with courses like Ballybunion in the Republic of Ireland, combined with Golf Digest’s number-one rated course in the world, Royal County Down in Northern Ireland, (that uses the pound) the currency break offers a great opportunity to play some of the world’s best golf courses for significantly less.


When booking a trip with us, we immediately lock in a rate of exchange at which we’ll buy the pounds or euros needed for your trip.  So regardless of how the pound and euro fare over the next year or so, your price will be guaranteed.  When we give you a quotation, you will have 14 days to accept at the rate of exchange used in that quotation.


So . . .  we encourage you to seriously consider a trip in 2017 at the present, extremely attractive rates of exchange.


If you’ve gone before, think about some of the many great courses you haven’t played. They’ll be a lot cheaper than would have been the case yesterday!


That being said though, the pound could stabilize before long and the opportunity missed. 


Please feel free to receive a free, customized quote for the trip.


Once we look over the information you’ve provided we’ll give you a call to discuss any relevant issues, offer advice on your itinerary and prepare your quote.  We’ll try to get it to you very quickly and there’s absolutely no obligation.