If you are part of a group, we highly encourage you to coordinate arrivals at the starting airport to coincide with one another. Group members normally will not want to wait hours at the arrival airport for the late guests. For flights which do not coincide, or travelers who arrive at different airports, separate transfers at an additional cost will be required.


Pioneer Golf does not offer airline ticketing services. However, we recommend that you arrange a direct flight to Scotland or Ireland. If a direct flight is not available, allow approximately three hours between international connections (Paris, Amsterdam, etc). If possible, avoid flying through London because it’s commonplace to arrive at your destination without clubs.


If your itinerary includes more than one country, we recommend that you fly between the two countries. Although ferries are available, rental companies do not normally permit their vehicles to be taken out of the country. A one-way air ticket between Scotland and Ireland will probably range from about $40.00 to $120.00, depending on how far in advance it is purchased. Also, we recommend you prepay for luggage or risk being shocked at airport luggage fees!

A good reference site for intra-European airlines is